About us

We are a grant making foundation giving funds to organisations
which undertake schooling, education, training and work projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Fondazione San Zeno was founded in Verona in 1999 by Sandro Veronesi, president of Calzedonia group.
Since then we have been nurturing the same desire: promoting real and shared change,
by offering effective possibilities to improve the quality of education, create training and job opportunities.

Patience and courage identify our action.
We encourage people to achieve their own independence, concerning financially and social autonomy,
but even more self-determination.

President and Board of Directors

Sandro Veronesi, President
Carlo Vinco
Giovanni Pontara
Marco Carletto
Renzo Fior


Director  Rita Ruffoli
Administration area  Caterina Polla
Projects area  Federica Dindo, Matilde Cristofoli, Francesca Crimi
Communications and other initiatives Alessandro Fainello


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