Social report



Please browse through our social report.
We would like to share with you an overview on who we are (identity, governance, internal structure), what we do (goals, activities, projects), how we work (evaluation process and impact), how much (financial and economic situation).  A dedicated focus on prisons reveals our commitment in a perspective of fostering integration, through education, training and work.

This report reflects an ongoing process, a costant movement that represents us and that identifies the organisations we support. With an eye to the future, because it is the only place we can go.
In order to know and understand, to share ideas, to offer resources and energy, to imagine new opportunities.

PDF Bilancio Sociale 2021 Fondazione San Zeno

at a glance




26 projects supported 
€ 2,4 million allocated 
9 countries involved 
inside and outside school
inclusion and fighting drop-out rates
quality school


14 projects supported
1,3   million allocated 
6 countries
professional training
social enterprise
autonomy and dignity

community development

12 projects supported
0,8 million allocated 
6 countries

alliances in the territory
generative value
participatory processes


modus operandi

evaluation process 
614 project proposals received  
161 international
453 in Italy

how much

in 2021
5,2 million from fundraising
some indicators
5,2%  incidence of overhead costs on donations to projects
4,7% incidence of overhead costs on income from typical activities


on prison

Fondazione San Zeno has supported more than 15 projects in different prisons, in Italy and abroad. The projects range from education programmes (high-school to university), to social rehabilitation through theatre workshops, vocational training and job placement programmes, mainly in the catering and bakery sectors. Namely, processes of change, rehabilitation and personal growth that can offer effective prospects for a future outside prison.