NEWS 22.07.2022

theatre in prison

Looking into the eyes of the spectators who entered the Verona prison for the fourth performance of 'Tratto a libertate', from Dante's Paradiso, and handing them a laurel leaf, the actors of the Montorio Theatre whispered, once again, their desire for redemption and freedom. Thanks to the mayor of Verona Damiano Tommasi who wanted to be there, on behalf of the entire city, together with two of his councillors and four city councillors. Many thanks to the prison police officers, for their generous, silent and precious collaboration, to all the staff, to the management of the Montorio Veronese Prison and to the guarantor for prisoners' rights who shared with Alessandro Anderloni and Isabella Dilavello, together with Le Falìe, the San Zeno Foundation and the PANTA REI Social Cooperative this new stage of the theatrical journey at Montorio.
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