Addolcire la pena



Italy, Palermo

The project in brief

A kitchen can be a meeting space, for conviviality. But also of redemption space. The boys of the Malaspina Juvenile Penal Institute in Palermo are well aware of this and, together with some young migrants, have found an opportunity for personal and professional growth within Cotti in Fragranza.

A laboratory for the production of fresh and baked products where they learn not only the recipes, but also how to manage a social enterprise that, today, distributes its products throughout Italy and also abroad. “We grew up together - explains Nadia Lodato who coordinates the project together with Lucia Lauro – and we also opened a space in the heart of the city that provides meals to the C.A.S. (reception center for migrants) and, very recently, a bistro that we called “Al Fresco”, where you can have breakfast or lunch with our products ".

The slogan is an unequivocal declaration of intent: "If you don't like them, you can't judge them"

Our contribution

Training in pastry, confectionery production.
Building of an accommodation facility (Casa San Francesco) with tourist accommodation, a garden-bistro and a co-working space.


2014 - to date

Allocated amount

By range € : 251 - 500 K