NEWS 05.12.2022

prison economy

Irony is always the cleverest of cures. 'Alfresco - the outside in'. This is the title of the project by Cooperativa Pantarei (a cooperative that for over 20 years has dedicated itself to the integration of people with psychiatric pathologies) in collaboration with the management of the Casa Circondariale, Fondazione San Zeno, Fondazione Esodo.

A project that has activated two gastronomic workshops within the Verona Prison. One in the men's section, 'Pasta d'uomo - Mai stati così buoni' ('Man's dough - Never been this good'), where there is an oven for making bread, Christmas cakes and panettone cakes; the other in the women's section, 'Imbandita - La tavola del riscatto' ('Stuffed - The table of redemption'), a modern workshop that produces jams, marmalades and preserves using mainly surplus food.


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