NEWS 27.05.2024

25 years

27 May 1999 - 27 May 2024.
That is 25 years of tFondazione San Zeno.
A time that has passed. Which is the identity of our present, the expectation of our future. A time in which we chose to stand beside those who, with passion, wished to generate change. In their own community. Through school or work. 25 years that are (part of) our history.

We are the people we have met, the corners of the world that these people have made known to us. We are part of these relationships. Part of this energy that (puts) us together.
But we are also everything that did not go as we would have liked, everything that was not (a) success. All the mistakes that with courage, wise inexperience or reckless competence were the points from which we then started again.

25 years. And the past seems short in the face of a future that we see as full of opportunities for change.

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