Italia, Rosarno

The project in brief

Together Against Corporalism
In the orange and tangerine harvesting season, thousands of foreign laborers willing to work for a few euros a day pour into the Gioia Tauro plain, forced to live in shantytowns and tent cities, in absolute degradation, without running water, electricity and without any security. Immigrants are only the last link in a long chain of exploitation: not only because of the presence of caporalato and the absence of institutions, but because of the pricing policy of large-scale retailers, who buy citrus at 8-10 cents per kg.


Our contribution

The project aims to reduce labor exploitation of migrant farmworkers by providing them with opportunities for work within the law, training paths and access to basic rights.

In addition to Rosarno, the project is also being developed in Grosseto.


2023 - ad oggi

Allocated amount

By range € : 51 - 100 K