Microcredito relazionale

Mag Verona


Italy, Verona

The project in brief

There are many unemployed or underemployed people who find themselves in situations of financial difficulty and do not receive help either from banks (because of their work problems) or from public subsidies (because they do not fall into the “definition” of the new poor). 

"We are thinking of the young and very young, who are not clear on how to manage their first earnings and do not know how to plan their savings in order to build a path to autonomy," clarifies Stefania Colmelet of Mag Verona. "But also the elderly who need to know the tools available in the financial sphere, given their lack of familiarity with the Internet. Or new couples who need to learn how to manage their resources, or those who are laid off and need to review their budgets and expenses. 

 “Conta su di noi” provides for two areas in which support is the main feature. Resource management, with tools for managing the family budget and financial education, to learn how best to manage a period of economic difficulty, or even just to plan serenely for the future; and job orientation, with training and ongoing support to look for work or to create it independently.

Our contribution

Training, support and advice on how to deal with financial difficulties and find work. 


2015 - to date

Allocated amount

By range € : 251 - 500 K