Lisca Bianca

Associazione Lisca Bianca


Italy, Palermo

The project in brief

"Lisca Bianca" is a dream, an adventure, a project. But above all, «Lisca Bianca» is a sailing boat. Licia and Sergio, retired, built it in 1979, sold everything, left Palermo and went around the world with this boat. Then, due to age and health problems, they neglected the boat which over time underwent progressive degradation. In 2013 a naval designer and a sociologist accidentally found the boat in total abandonment. They instatntly shared a dream. Eyes, mind, heart gave birth to this vision: to give back life and restore prestige to that romantic and epic story. Thus was born the "Lisca Bianca-Navigare nell'Inclusione" project. The mission was to entrust the boat restoration to young people with social fragilities, creating opportunities for growth and training with the help of shipwrights and expert workers. Today "Lisca Bianca" involves young people from the criminal circuit, at risk of social exclusion, young guests from rehabilitation communities, with an overall view of an educating community logic. This boat that will sail the seas again is teaching that true freedom is made up of rules and that every redemption needs effort. A horizon resurfaces behind those bars, a new course is redrawn. Nobody will be able to stop this crossing anymore. We set sail. 

Our contribution

Socio-occupational inclusion projects in partnership with the Penal Institute for Minors of Palermo and the rehabilitation community for drug addicts Sant’Onofrio di Trabia (Pa).


2014 - 2016

Allocated amount

Per fasce € : 26 - 50 K