La locanda dei buoni e dei cattivi

Domus de Luna


Italy, Cagliari

The project in brief

«Pride and Redemption. Do not call us "“mischineddi” (villains)  and do not think you are the Good guys. Because they don't exist, just as the Bad Guys don't exist ». This is how the protagonists of “Domus de Luna”, a foundation based in Cagliari committed to offering the possibility of recovery and social redemption to children and young mothers, speak of themselves, with pride and determination. After the restaurant and the bed & breakfast, now also a tennis club, at Monte Urpinu park. «At Club we grow up. We learn a job and work hard. To leave the difficult days behind and imagine a different future. For us, for those close to us, for our children». 

Our contribution

Supporting the creation of a structure with catering services that will activate work inclusion projects for young people with social fragilities.


2014 - ad oggi

Allocated amount

By range € : 251 - 500 K