Inovação Circular



Mozambique, Beira

The project in brief

Supporting business accelerators and social inclusion in Mozambique.
Stimulate the economic development of the population of Beira by improving business incubation and acceleration services and the creation of new jobs in the circular economy to mitigate social inequalities.

Our contribution

To formalise and structurally strengthen two Business Incubators and Accelerators (I&A): Palincule, a spin-off of Zambeze University, and HUBLink, an incubator whose mission is to accompany young start-up entrepreneurs in the structuring of new ideas, companies and start-ups that are innovative, inclusive and sustainable. 

The course will be divided into two phases: a first part of space renovation and staff training on leadership and business management issues, and a second phase of on-the-job training during which project staff will support the I&As directly in the field to strengthen their capacity to offer higher quality services.
In parallel with the strengthening of I&As, the project will foster the creation of new jobs through the consolidation of 3 local small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the circular economy sector.

Inovação Circular is a project co-financed by the European Union, with the support of the Aurora Foundation and Zambeze University.


2022 - to date

Allocated amount

By range € : 101 - 250 K