Everything flows

Cooperativa Panta Rei


Italy, Verona

The project in brief

We believe that nothing remains the same. Mental health discomfort is not a static but could be a vital reality to offer a different perspective. Everything flows, as Heraclitus said. "Working for these people, as indeed for all of us, is the main matrix." The eyes of Elena Brigo (president of the Cooperative) light up, while she continues by saying that through the professional dimension «relationships and personal satisfactions develop. You recover your rights and realize your potential». It is much more than a job. It means (as one of the protagonists says) "to function well, to do well, to be part of a community".

Our contribution

Strengthening of the laundry service to increase the work placements of workers with mental health discomfort.


2019 - to date

Allocated amount

By range € : 51 - 100 K