Maestri di strada


Italy, Naples

The project in brief

Barra, S. Giovanni, Ponticelli. Neighborhoods of Naples where 3 out of 10 boys fail to reach the eighth grade in school. Against this spiral of marginalization, a real educating community made up of teachers, pedagogues and social parents is pursuing the challenge of accompanying and re-motivating these young people. The expression "street teacher" provides in the most synthetic and metaphorical way the idea of ​​a close interaction with this life context and the need to relate with children starting from the reality in which they live. Cesare Moreno, creator of the project says: "in practice, we work with schools, with ordinary teachers, we provide support to reflect on the experience and help to manage the class". The project does not only aspire to a simple degree or job start-up, "but to the training of free men. Free to express yourself. We want to give these young people the strength and the tools to defeat fear, fragility, violence and thus have greater control over reality and themselves". 

Our contribution

Social inclusion project for young people centered on laboratory teaching, artistic activities, relationship management, community activation. 


2010 - to date

Allocated amount

Per fasce € : > 500K