Comprehensive Developement Project



India, Andhra Pradesh

The project in brief

In more than thirty years of working experience with marginalized communities, ASSIST has built an intervention process that aims to break the cycle of poverty by working on three main components: socio-educational, infrastructural and economic development. Comprehensive Community Development consists of a set of development activities undertaken with the community of a small area, over a period of at least five years. Addressing the main causes of poverty, and therefore of child labor, of early marriage, of the search for a safe and dignified job, in a systematic and complete way people are provided with the tools to become masters of their own destiny, allowing them to regain their dignity. 

Our contribution

Promotion of a sustainable development process in the villages of Ambapuram and Marripalem in India. 
School strengthening (enrollment, attendance and conclusion of studies); strengthening the role of women; training courses for local leaders; development of infrastructure, schools and housing in rural areas. 


2016 - to date

Allocated amount

Per fasce € : > 500K