Vila Esperança

Espaço Cultural Vila Esperança


Brazil, Goiás (Go)

The project in brief

Imagine a landfill in a city in central Brazil. Reclaim the land, set up a kitchen and a canteen, build a school, a playroom and a theater. Taking care of the children who grow up left to themselves. Making them revive the creativity of playing. Educating them in a school where they can learn with confidence. Making their African and indigenous origins a reason of pride and not discrimination. Teaching them to act, to dance, to play, to develop their imaginations hardened by violence and misery. All this is «Vila Esperança». 

Our contribution

Support for the activities that the Odé Kayodê School of the Espaço Cultural Vila Esperança offers to the children of Goiás. 


2009 - to date

Allocated amount

Per fasce € : > 500K