Italy, Verona

The project in brief

We wish to make diversity a “starting point”, not an “end point”. By establishing relationships between cooperatives, companies and people, between the needs of the labor market and those of the workers. In this way, together, a “real” tailor-made work is built, effective for everyone's productivity and necessary to rewrite someone's history. Because to make a difference, you need to work with differences. Even in a kitchen, like that of Valemour, where take-away food is prepared for private customers and corporate catering. Good food to continue to believe that in the fragilities of every woman and every man, there is the way to create a better world. 

Our contribution

Construction and fitting of a professional kitchen for home deliveries. 
Social enterprise project to increase the autonomy and employment opportunities of young adults with intellectual disabilities


2020 - to date

Allocated amount

By range € : 101 - 250 K