Magazzini Oz

Magazzini Scs


Italy, Torino

The project in brief

In the short story The Wizard of Oz, writer L. Frank Baum describes Dorothy's journey through unknown lands and colors, encountering mysterious animals and characters. This journey is a metaphor of disability in which the most varied and opposing feelings alternate. From the initial disorientation that begins with the diagnosis, to the will to find a new possible balance, despite one's fragilities, and that allows for facing difficulties: this is the happy ending.

Magazzini Oz is a social enterprise project in the center of Turin. A restaurant, a café, a gift shop. A space where young people with disabilities aged 18 to 30 have the opportunity to deal with the world of work and acquire greater autonomy. A project that challenges social barriers and raises awareness among local companies, for greater work inclusiveness. To give young people the opportunity to deal with a real job and acquire new skills. To help them finding their place in the world.

Our contribution

Training and work placements for young people with disabilities.


2019 - to date

Allocated amount

Per fasce € : 51 - 100 K