È buono

Cooperativa È buono


Italy, Verona

The project in brief

Agevolando's icecream "is good", for real. Quality raw materials, craftsmanship are some of the aspects of a high quality product made by the first social franchise in Italy. The goal is to create opportunities for young former guests of communities for minors and foster homes through a training and job placement project for those who, having reached the age of majority, are out of guardianship paths. A project that aims at assisting these young people to a gradual personal autonomy through training and job placement. The project provides real opportunities for developing a social enterprise, becoming the protagonists of their future.

Our contribution

Creation of an artisan laboratory for the production of ice cream in franchising, for the inclusion of young adults leaving residential care and without adequate parental support.


2016 - to date

Allocated amount

Per fasce € : 251 - 500 K