Centro Servizi Welfare

Cooperativa Il Solco


Italy, Verona

The project in brief

There are many factors that affect the quality of personal services. Competence, professionalism, quality of the relationship established between those who provide the service and those who receive it, and last but not least, recognition of the right value of work. 

Centro Servizi Welfare brings all this together, offering a platform of services for personal and home care that operates throughout the province of Verona, assisting families in their search for tailor-made solutions for reconciling work and life time. Assistance services (health workers, carers...), health care (nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists...), and home maintenance (cleaning, painting, minor maintenance...) which, in a virtuous mechanism, are provided by people over 50, unemployed or unemployable, who are involved in a process of professional and social reintegration.

Our contribution

Activation of a coordination centre for the provision of home-based services in support of family welfare. 


2020 - to date

Allocated amount

Per fasce € : 51 - 100 K